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Ferrari 365 GT 2 + 2 Buyers Guide

Maintenance,  Reliabiltiy & Known Issues

There are several common issues found on many 365 GT 2+2s.  Build quality varied from car ot car and rust is an almost universal problem. Given the severity of the rust problem, checking the body for filler is highly recommended.  Many 365 GT 2+2 suffered from inadequate maintenace at some stage in their lives so reviewing service history is important.  Many also have been subjected to some restoration work so reviewing the quality of work done is important. Several other areas that should be checked are:

  • Check the tension on the timing chains.  It can stretch to the point where it will jump a tooth leadin gto dire consequences for the valves.
  • Very weak 2nd gear synchros
  • Paint work is fragile
  • Koni self leveling suspension can collapse
  • All things electrical
  • Connections corrode and motors wear out
  • Camshaft wear
  • Valve clearances
Other potential issues:

  • Poor oil circulation, blown oil filters
  • All gauges have a tendency to be both unreliable and inaccurate
  • Exhaust systems rust out
  • Poor engine compression
  • All hoses corrrode and leak with age
  • Accident damage and improper repair
  • Cracked brake discs, weight of the car takes its toll on the brakes
These cars need to be run regularly and service properly

  • Classic 60's style
  • A real usable Vintage Ferrari
  • Reliable engine
  • Excellent trunk space
  • Light power steering and easy to drive
  • Useable back seats, can even cary 4 adults
  • Affordable, but values are rising
  • Most maintenance can be done by the owner
  • Almost all are fitted with air-conditioning
  • Class V12 Ferrari sound
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