Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Exotic Car and Vintage Restoration Bay Area - How often do I need to clay my car? - FZ Restoration Livermore

How often you need to clay your car's paint depends upon what's in the air where you park your car.

Make sense? Pretty simple really.

If your car never leaves the garage except to show-off at the local Cars & Coffee event on a sunny Saturday morning then you probably don't need to clay your car very often because your car is not exposed to the w-o-r-l-d.

If your like 99.9% of the rest of us working class dogs, then your car is a Daily Driver that you drive every day and that means it's parked outside at least while you're at work and possibly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What this means if there's any kind of contaminants in the air over your car and they land on your car then some of them are going to bond to the paint if you don't wash your car every day. I actually don't know anyone that washes their car every day so chances are good if you park your car outside for a portion of each day, for example Monday through Friday while you're working for the man, then chances are good your car's paint is getting a build-up of air-borne contaminants and this means periodically you need to use some detailing clay to clay your car's paint.

Use your hands-to inspect and feel the paint with the fingertips of your clean hand

1. First, wash and dry your car.

2. Now take your clean hand and feel the paint. 

Does the paint finish feel smooth and glassy? If the answer is yes you don't need to clay your car's paint.

Does the paint feel rough or textured? If you feel little bumps or any kind of roughness or surface imperfections, this is a strong indicator that you need to clay your car's paint.

Feel the horizontal surfaces of your car's paint with your clean hand after you wash and dry the car.

It's not a matter of time but a matter of concentration of air-borne pollution
It doesn't matter if you clayed the paint 2 days ago or 2 years ago, if after washing and drying your car and then feeling the paint it DOES NOT feel smooth and glassy, then you need to clay the paint.

It's not a matter of time intervals for example, some might say, "we recommend that you clay your paint every 6 months". While that might work for some people that's not an accurate way to maintain a nice finish, an accurate way to maintain a nice finish is to be pro-active by simply feeling the horizontal panels on your car and check to see if there are any above surface bonded contaminants like,

Tree Sap MistPaint OversprayIndustrial PollutionJet Fuel Exhaust - (If you live close to an airport)
ar and Truck PollutionBrake DustRoad GrimeDirt and dust in the air

How often you need to clay your car's paint is a matter of what's in the air where your car is parked day-in and day-out.

by Mike Phillips

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