Friday, February 28, 2014

Vintage and Exotic Car Restoration Livermore - Watch Idiots Rev a Cold Ferrari V12 Engine [Video] - FZ Restoration Livermore- (925) 294-5666

We’ve talked about the greatness of the Ferrari F12’s engine in our test drive. However, it seems that the Italian engineering is no match for some people’s ignorance. The clip below shows a bunch of idiots that were unfortunately set free inside a Mansory Stalone Ferrari F12. They decided the best way to take advantage of this unique possibility was to rev the cold V12 unit.

It all happened in Poland and, as you can see in the adjacent clip, they’ve got not problem in hitting the rev limited right after the V12 had been started. The Mansory Stalone F12 features a stainless steel exhaust and an ECU remap, but, of course, this didn’t make too much of a difference.

Right now we sit here wondering what happens when the owner of the car, even if it’s a dealership, finds out about this. And we can’t help but remember how another bunch of idiots in America once caused a Lamborghini to catch fire in an even more retarded manner.

source: autoevolution
by Andrei Tutu

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