Monday, July 27, 2015

Exotic Car Restoration Livermore - Unbelievable! This Ferrari driver escapes death by a fraction of a second - 925-294-5666

It can be called nothing short of a miraculous escape as the Ferrari driver dodges death while overtaking on a single carriageway. As soon he passes one of the vehicles, he finds another one approaching him and within a fraction of a second the guy manages to steer his car away and avoid what could have been a deadly collision.
At such a high speed, the driver showed tremendous reflex actions and presence of mind to save his and co-passengers life. The thrilling act is caught on camera and has over 2,055,564 views on YouTube thus far. Just for car lovers, the guy in the video is driving a Ferrari F430.
The guy after showing off some excellent driving skills could not believe and looks stunned while his partner seems to appreciate him. This video also gives out a message that on single carriageway one should be cautious and try avoiding overtaking at high speeds. Check out the video below and make sure you do not find yourself in such tricky situation.

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