Monday, August 17, 2015

Exotic Car Restoration Livermore - What Would You Do With A Trashed Ferrari F12 Berlinetta? - 925-294-5666

Just shy of €77,000 or $84,000 for a 15,000km (9,322 mile) Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, which drops down to €67,226 or $73,200 for export, doesn't sound half-bad until…you see the other half of this car.

While the opening photo of this ad on Germany's Mobile site might put you in a refinancing your house- and/or revaluating your relationship with your spouse-kind of mentality, reality quickly sinks in once you grasp the entire damage on the Italian supercar

I'm no auto body mechanic, but this looks like the definition of a complete write-off and I can't see anyone putting the 740PS (730hp) V12-powered F12 back together in one piece for anything other than a static display. 

What else do you think this trashed F12 is good for and how much do you think its worth in this state?

H/T to Autozeitung!
by John Halas

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