Monday, February 9, 2015

Vintage and Exotic Car Restoration Livermore - Watch a 2,000-hp Lamborghini crash into a lake - FZ Restoration - 925-294-5666

Just because you can have more horsepower doesn't necessarily mean that you should. Case in point: This heavy-footed gentleman and his 2,000 hp Lamborghini Gallardo, a combination that resulted in a watery ending just a few hundred yards after launch.

You may notice that prior to the half-mile pass beginning, the twin-turbo Lambo is already missing itsderriere. That, according to Jalopnik, was caused by an incident the day before. Losing its diffuser clearly didn't help with rear grip, but the main culprit in this splash appears to be the guy with the lead foot.

A lack of finesse with the throttle pedal, 2,000 hp and what appears to be a slippery Florida runway, typically guarantees one makes waves by crashing into a lake (or giant puddle, depending on your view point). Fortunately the driver was uninjured, and the car should live to race another day. Not sure if that last part is a good thing or not, especially if there's water in the vicinity.

source: Motoramic
by Alex Lloyd

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