Friday, March 13, 2015

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buffalo hits car photo

“Say the jingle, say the jingle!” What the heck? Why didn’t they say the jingle? Oh, maybe because this was actually footage from a real event rather than that television commercial you might have seen.
YouTube user Tom Carter was simply enjoying a drive through gorgeous Yellowstone National Park when he noticed that a herd of Buffalo was barreling down the road straight toward the Nissan Xterra he was in. He shut off the engine, parked, and figured the 2,000-pound animals would continue past the car. He was wrong.

he buffalo was seemingly agitated by other cars that were driving behind the herd. So the lead buffalo ran head-first into the Nissan Xterra, which Carter says AAA said caused about $2,787.82 worth of damage. You can even hear him say, “Don’t run into our car!” right before the animal made contact – hard.
There was really nothing he could do, but at least neither Carter nor his passenger were injured during the incident. And for you animal lovers, the buffalo walked away just fine, as well. Maybe with a headache.

source: Boldride
by Tony Markovich

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