Monday, March 16, 2015

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Cars left abandoned by the side of the road is nothing new. Typically the vehicles are rusty Chevy Cavaliers, or '95 Civics with banging stereos worth more than the cars themselves. But when police stumbled across this particular abandoned vehicle on the Dallas North Tollway, something was different.

For starters, the yellow Lamborghini Gallardo was worth about 200 clapped-out Civics, and it was left damaged by the side of the road with no documents identifying the driver or where the supercar came from (one assumes authorities ran the VIN number, though). For a few hours Sunday morning it was a Texas-sized mystery: what would cause someone to simply abandon their Lamborghini, and who was the driver?
According to WFAA, the mystery began to unravel later that afternoon, when it was discovered that the car was not actually owned by the driver — it was rented from Exotic Skittles. The luxury car rental company did not disclose the name of the driver, or any details as to what may have happened.

The crashed Italian supercar is currently at an impound lot, and police are looking into why the driver abandoned the rental. While the puzzle continues to evolve, this story is clearly garnering more attention than your typical ditched Civic

source: Motoramic
by Alex Lloyd

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