Friday, November 1, 2013

Exotic and Vintage Car Restoration Livermore - Watch Chris Harris And A Ferrari F12 Smoke 16 Tires - FZ Restoration Livermore - (925)294-5666

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Professional hooner Chris Harris is at it again, this time at the helm of the stunning Ferrari F12. Luckily, accommodating Ferrari delivered four sets of fresh rubber along with the car…

At which point Harris does what he does best; smoking. And fair play to the guy. The F12′s undulating curves are all there to serve a purpose – to make the most of that 6.2-litre V12′s whopping 740hp. More powerful, smaller and lighter than the 599 it replaces, on paper this should be one mightily impressive Fezza.

Does it live up to the numbers? We’ll let Harris take it from here….

by Darren Cassey

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