Sunday, September 27, 2015

Exotic Car Restoration Livermore - Here's 10 Minutes of Nothing But Ferrari FXX Ks Screaming Around Spa - FZ Restoration Livermore- 925-294-5666

Unless you've been living under a rock the past year, you know about the Ferrari FXX K. Unveiled in Dubai last December​, this car has been snagging headlines ever since. 

We were blown away by the news of the FXX K's 1,035-hp drivetrain. We were astonished (but not ​entirely​ surprised) with the $2.7 million price tag. Put simply, it's insane and ballistic, and has a banshee-like scream that would make an F1 car cower.

If you haven't quite gotten enough of the sound of this thing, here's a ten-minute video of nothing but Ferrari FXX Ks shrieking around Spa Francorchamps​ for the ​Ferrari Corse Clienti ​days. Watch closely and you'll even see some of these cars shoot flames from the exhaust. You're welcome.

by Kristen Lee

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