Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Vintage and Exotic Car Restoration Livermore - Watch how a father and son lovingly restore classic Ferraris - FZ Restoration - 925-294-5666

Egidio Brandoli, 74, spent twenty years working at legendary coachbuilder Scaglietti. He had one simple dream: to help craft the perfect Ferrari.

In 1980, Brandoli set up his own restoration business. With his vast experience banked, including work on the iconic 250 GTO, the new company offered Ferrari owners a way to have their cars loving brought back to life in their original birthplace: Modena, Italy.
While that may all sound a little romanticized, those with a passion for cars will understand that classic vehicles are often seen as a living, breathing organism, and having them restored in the place in which they were made is an appealing proposition.
Brandoli, his son and the rest of his family, who all share in the business, have become one of the most authentic Ferrari restoration companies in the world. Much of that derives from Brandoli's knowledge of the cars having worked on them for much of his life, and also the many patterns they posses to help cut steel into the intricate Ferrari shapes we all love, some of which have been lost with the passing of time. Brandoli likens his work to the precision of a fine tailor.
Watch the mini-documentary above to witness his family business in action, and prepare to want an old Ferrari – as if you didn't already.

source: Motoramic
by Alex Lloyd

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