Friday, December 5, 2014

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Pagani Zonda 760RSJX Photo

Hey, remember when Pagani said they were done building Zondas? Well it looks like they lied. Again. Because here’s another special edition Zonda called the 760RSJX, and it’s actually kind of ugly.
The 760RSJX not only has a bad name, but also a bad color scheme. It’s a tacky baby blue with a carbon fiber hood and an Italian stripe down the middle. Good news is that it’s still got the same 7.3-liter, 760-horsepower V12 so you shouldn’t have to stare at it for too long.

Pagani Zonda 760RSJX rearview photo

It was created as a one-off for one very wealthy Chinese customer. It’s just one of many special edition Zondas that Pagani has built after the alleged “last Zonda ever” Revolucion last year. At least there’s a new Huayra coming next year to rid our minds of these mostly horrible Zonda one-offs.

Photo Credit: Ron Alder W Photography
source: BoldRide
by Jeff Perez

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